Zulpikar Maimaitiali training 10 hours a day to knock out Vijender Singh

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Zulpikar Maimaitiali, the Chinese boxer set to take on Vijender Singh at the a�?Battleground Asiaa�� in Mumbai on 5thAugust speaks on his training regime.

WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Champion Vijender Singh is all set to face WBO Oriental Super Middleweight Champion and Chinese number 1 boxer Zulpikar Maimaitiali for a double title fight on the 5thA�August 2017, at NSCI, Mumbai. Battleground Asia is nearly two weeks away and both the boxers are giving in their 100 percent to be declared as the ultimate a�?King of Asiaa��.

Zulpikar Maimaitiali
Zulpikar Maimaitiali is the current WBO Oriental Super Middleweight Champion

Indian boxing sensation Vijender Singh continues to train harder every day with his trainer Lee Beard and changing his ways to face the Southpaw boxer in the ring. Zulpikar Maimaitiali on the other hand is training for 10 hours a day to match up to Vijender Singh,A�he says, a�?I take every bout seriously and try to push myself to the limit every time. Vijender will be one of the rivals that I beat, I know his traits and I am preparing accordingly. I am puttingA�in 10 hoursA�every day into training to make sure Vijender is knocked out in the first 2-3 rounds itself. On 5thA�August, Vijender will actually face the toughest opponent in his pro boxing careera�?.

Zulpikar feels that the training he is undergoing should not be revealed to everyone, he believes inA�surprising his opponent,A�a�?My team has watched all his bouts. At this phase, maybe only myself and my coach should understand the training schedule that have been implemented. Vijender will be surprised when I throw punches at him, he thinks I am a kid, but he has no idea who I ama�?.

This will be Vijender Singha��s third fight in the country and like before this time too he is expecting the country to come out in complete support for him, howeverA�Zulpikar does not seem to be troubled by this,A�a�?Fighting abroad is not fresh to me and I respect the audiences, hoping they will like our fight. I hope they wona��t feel bad when their favourite boxer is getting beaten up by me.a�?

Zulpikar confident of handing Vijender his first pro-boxing loss

Indian champion Vijender Singh holds a record of 7 knock out wins since his pro-boxing debut, Zulpikar having the same record of bouts has less knock out wins, butA�he is confident that this would be Vijendera��s first loss,A�a�?Both of us have no loss record since pro debut, both of us have high ratio of KO. As I said, the pressure should be on his side, as it will be too old for him to suffer and recover from a loss, what will be worse is losing from someone as young as me. He is considered the king of boxing in India, so he has started feeling like a king, its time I get him down onto the ground.a�?

Battleground Asia is nearly two weeks away, and the boxers have a lot to look forward to, this fight night will decide who is mightier than the other, who will eventually rise as the a�?King of Asiaa�� with not just his defended belt but also his opponents belt.

Battleground Asia promises to be an exciting fight night, which will also feature Olympic quarter-finalist Akhil Kumar and Jitender Kumar along with WBC Asia Welterweight Champion Neeraj Goyat, Kuldeep Dhanda, Pardeep Kharera, and Dharmendra Grewal.

The tickets for the a�?Battleground Asiaa�� are available at a 20% early bird discount onA�

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